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Turn pictures of your favorite pet into an original work of art created especially for you.

From this:      photos of dogs and pets are turned into portaits                              

To this:
(Please click on the portraits to see large view. This might take some time, but it will be worth your wait)

portrait of a boxerSabrina  1989    Dimensions: 18"X 24"
Sabrina was one of the top boxers in obedience in this country for many years. I loved her dearly. This portrait shows her from puppy to adult.

portrait of a chowSebi   1997   Dimensions: 16" X 20"
Sebi is owned and loved by Bill and Kitty. I also painted his portrait on an ostrich egg when I was working at the Busch Gardens Art Gallery.


portrait of a dachshundVicki   1997   Dimensions: 11" X 14"
Vicki owns Leigh Ann and her husband. They sent me some of the most unusual photos I have ever seen, of Vicki doing very un-doglike things.


portrait of a belgian tervurenCrystal   1998   Dimensions: 11" X 14"
Crystal is Ralph and Rhea's lovely little girl. She's one of the happiest agility dogs that I have had the privilege of working with.

              Choose a montage of two poses or as many views as you want. You can even combine several pets in one portrait.  I will make a one of a kind creation combining several shots of your pet just for you.

     Each work of art is created  in color pencil, on finest quality acid free paper, from photographs that you send the studio. Of course, it is important that all photos be sharp and clear. Send me your photos with the order and they will be returned to you when the artwork is completed. If you desire, you can call me toll free to discuss your order. Portraits, depending on their size, usually take two to four weeks to complete. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


11"X 14"  two views of your pet: $250 matted
11"X 14"  three views, more than one pet: $275

16"X 20" up to six views: $450

I will be happy to work with different sizes and special requests. Please call my toll free number: 1-888-678-1225

All prices include a Certificate of Authenticity and free shipping!

Place your order now and your pet will be featured as Cool Critter Portrait of the Month on this web site.

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