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New York City Rats by Roni Patton

Rats are all over New York City! They are everywhere, but mostly seen and heard at night. It is estimated that there is at least one rat for every person that lives and works there. The city officials hire a "Rat Czar" to help them get rid of their problem. The rats themselves have some innovative ideas to evade destruction. This book is available at  and







An Opossum Dilemma: Crossing the Streets at Night by Roni Patton

The Opossum community has two really big problems. Like most animals that make the forest their home, their space on earth is slowly but surely getting smaller. Year after year, humans need more elbow room, so space for the opossum disappears. People and opossums are close neighbors after all. This book teaches children the dangers of crossing busy streets at night. This book is available at  and






Can We Be Friends? by Paula Parlor

    Sarah is thrilled that a new girl has moved into her neighborhood. A new friend! Unfortunately, Laurie is in a wheelchair, and not all students at their school are welcoming her. Sarah is determined to help Laurie fit in, and be accepted by all, but not everyone feel the same. Sarah never imagined that Laurie would be faced with so many obstacles when moving into her neighborhood and elementary school. This book is available at






A Christmas Chanukah Wish  by Irene Buggy

    Katie's parents celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah each year, and each year, Katie makes a special wish. Will her wish be grated this Holiday?
    This is another lovely book by Irene Buggy (
The book was published by CEI Publishing and can be purchased through






Pollux: The Funniest Pig Ever  by Irene Buggy

Pollux was named after one of the brightest stars in the sky on the night of his birth. He had many special talents, but one day, he had an accident. Would he recover to perform again?
    Pollux is the first in a series of books by Irene Buggy, to find out more about Irene and her coming books, visit her website
    Pollux made amazon's hot new releases list under children's books, animal / farm animal books. You can purchase Pollux, the Funniest Pig ever through




I Accidentally by Donna Rayburn

 Anthony likes story time at school, but only when it is fun. When he's bored and finds his own fun at story time, he "accidentally" gets into trouble. This is the first book in a series written by Donna Rayburn about her son Anthony's misadventures.
    The book was published by CEI Publishing and can be purchased through






Children's Books Focus on Animal Extinction

          "An owl calls a meeting of all animals in the forest to plan their survival. A skunk leads a baby elephant out of danger, and Toby the Turtle journeys to England to help stem cruelty towards hunted foxes...A writer and two illustrators  have created a children's book series that uses fantasy to address issues of preserving the environment and saving animals..."  (The Tampa Tribune, Florida)

                 Animal Ark Book I

Book I: In The Beginning
    See how an animal from the past reaches out to Oliver Owl with sad stories of animal extinction. Read with wonder as Oliver and all of the animals meet and tell their stories of human indifference.
    Travel along with Oliver in his quest to help endangered animals. See how humans have neglected nature in their pursuit of greed. Listen as the animals share their sad tales. See sample pages.

Written by Jim Dowling, and illustrated by artists Michael Broderick and Ileana Nadal, Animal Ark seeks to introduce young children to the plight of endangered animals all over the world. This beautiful series aims to "educate the children so that as they grow up, they can do what we didn't do."



                 Animal Ark Book II, Suzy meets Elysha the baby elephant     

Book II: Suzy Saves Elysha
Travel with Suzy as she makes the long journey to Africa to save a baby elephant from ivory hunters.
Read how Oliver and Suzy's work together to teach the hunters and Elysha a valuable lesson. See sample pages.


Acclaimed by elementary school teachers who are using it in their classrooms, Animal Ark Book I, in the Beginning, and Book II, Suzy Saves Elysha the Baby Elephant are now available for purchase from the artists and from this website. Animal Ark Society went out of business and the artists acquired all the books from a storage default sale. The books are on sale for $5.00 each (price includes postage and handling). A poster is included (until all are sold) with the purchase of Book I and Book II together at a price of $10 (includes postage & handling). If you wish to purchase a box of books for re-sale or fund raisers, the price is $40 for a box of 40 books plus $10 postage. A bargain!
          We have also acquired all the original artwork from these books. If you would be interested in purchasing some of these pieces please contact us.












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